The path of striving to be your best is tough! Champions are conscious of who and what in their environments support their journey, and who or what does not. They simply access and immerse themselves among positive people, and avoid the negative ones. They feel and use the support they receive. When they come across those who bring them down, they communicate directly without justification. They may feel affected by negative people and conditions for a while, but they ensure this negativity is given limited “air-time” in their minds. Champions believe that they are supported, not only by great people but also great opportunities. They direct their minds to create a habit out of looking for the possibility of fulfilment and progress in the moment. At the same time, they are constantly cultivating an attitude of positive anticipation of their intentions and/or targets unfolding better than they expect!

6 Step formula for making the most of your support:

  1. Open your mind to the possibility that support for your success is all around you.
  2. Take note of who supports you and how they can add value to your journey positively.
  3. Try out their tips and observe what works for you.
  4. Show them your appreciation.
  5. Take negative people in your stride by communicating what you want with calm.
  6. Challenge yourself in using negative people and conditions as fuel for your progress.

Bonus Step:

Trust yourself and your support network as a great team to enhance and speed up your path toward becoming a ‘Whole’  Champion!