” Less is more”- Allow yourself to just BE

Success in sport mirrors success in life. All the same ingredients are necessary such as hard work, giving your best, commitment, focused attention, resilience, and a positive attitude. But, the factor which is so critical to peak performance and success, that is hardly ever emphasized, is the concept of “allowing” verses the concept of “forcing”.  Allowing means, that when all the preparation is complete and crunch time comes, you just allow yourself to play, perform, or be fully in the moment. Therefore, you don’t think about your shots, your plan, the past, or the next step. You just allow automatic performance with your full attention on the moment.

The opposite of “allowing” is “forcing”. No matter how well you have prepared if you force your play or performance due to trying too hard, excessive tension, too much emphasis on winning, or worrying what everyone thinks, you will not be able to perform to the best of your ability in competition. Expressing your full potential in anything requires a quiet mind.

“Allowing” yourself to just BE in the play or competition originates from an attitude of acceptance of whatever happens will happen, with a full trust in yourself, in the here and now. “Allowing” in life, like in sport, fosters a more consistent positive attitude and a state of mindfulness that “allows” for full expression of your potential in whatever the moment of your pursuit.

Less, in this case, is much more, so ALLOW a shot!