The South African Womens Federation Cup team with Rikki Gaddie Dworcan and Toni Gaddie of the Champion Academy at the Bedfordview Country Club.

The Champion Academy trained the 2014 South African Womens Federation Cup  squad  which consisted of 9 playing members, namely Chanel Simmonds, Madrie le Roux, Natasha Fouroulas, Natalie Grandin, Chani  Scheepers, Ilze Hattingh, Michelle Sammons, Lynn Kiro, Katie Poluta, Zani Barnard, Lee Barnard, Theresa Van Zyl and Janet Koch.

The Champion Academy’s  training programme prepared the players to be mentally focused  by teaching them skills and tools  to perform at their peaks when it counts most. Rikki and Toni were impressed by the inspiration and professionalism that was displayed by both  the players and  coaches alike.

The Federation cup Team for 2014 chosen to compete in Lithuania :Chanel Simmonds, Madrie le Roux, Natasha Fouroucias and Natalie Grandin. National coach Earl Grainger, assisted by Alan Karam

The South African Womens’ Federation Cup Captain Earl Grainger commended the Champion Academy on their commitment, knowledge, care, enthusiasm, professionalism and excellent results.