Real Athletes Tennis Academy

Five years ago we went on an extensive search for the right group to work with our academy on the mental aspect of the game, this search uncovered one standout applicant and that was the Champion Academy. Their commitment and knowledge is unquestioned, they demand respect at the same time in a caring and nurturing manner. They bring enthusiasm and a sense of humour to their work and I can truly say that there results have been remarkable. Recently the Champion Academy has been chosen to be the official South African Fed Cup group to work with the players for 2014 and 2015. As you can tell I have nothing but admiration and respect for the job that has been done for the academy and the fed cup team. They would be an incredible asset to any professional position that requires there services. Earl Granger

DJ Coaching

I have had a proud association with the Champion Academy for many years and have benefitted from their knowledge and professional advice at all times. All our players and parents have gained valuable information and received important tools to help them over the years and all our coaches, parents and players enjoy everything we receive from the Champion Academy. Jono Leaf-Wright – DJ Coaching

Wheelchair Tennis South Africa

Toni works with 3 of South Africa’s top wheelchair tennis players.  Not only are they ranked top in South Africa they are also ranked top in the world. They recently competed in the 2016 Paralympic in Rio and achieved successful results


Toni spoke to a group of employees at Investec in October 2014 where she delivered her key note address entitled: ‘’Enduring High Performance’’. Toni did a fantastic job of bringing to light the lessons she learned as an elite athlete and how this can be transferred into the workplace to help cope with the constant pressure of corporate life. Toni’s presentation was engaging and thought provoking, and she left the audience feeling reflective and energised. Toni’s charming style of delivery was not only personable and confident, but was also very relevant to the audience’s needs and expectations. Overall a thoroughly inspiring and motivational talk! Melissa Janet, Social Worker

The Country Club

Toni spoke at the Country Club JHB July 11th 2016 . Her talk on “Growing self leadership the whole champion’s way” was a huge success. Toni’s knowledge and professional experience was so appreciated by all.


Toni has done a number of motivational talks at Farnham Stables. Her knowledge and information is valuable and inspirational.

The Sandpit

Thank you so much for the valued input into my business and life.The “Creating Champions” talk was absolutely inspiring and informative, I feel like I have the tools to mould my staff into better workers and even more so better people! My managers gained a great deal of practical tools through these learning’s and I have also found your applications to be easily sustainable readily useable. Well done! – David Dworcan, MD Sandpit


The Psychology of Winning was not what I expected. I was amazed to hear how close we all are to becoming extra-ordinary. Everyone needs to hear how we all have the capacity to become remarkable! This talk shows us how we can! – KumaranPadayachee, MD SPARTAN

Mining SA

Our audience thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. We referred to it often throughout our company day, which I think enhanced its impact. Everyone loved the section where you start to talk about who you are. I can recommend your approach, the personal nature of both your story and your research and the manner in which you delivered the presentation. The little me concept resonated with me and I have already referred to it in a number of conversations. Your contribution to our event was a very successful part of the day. Toni’s talk at MINING SA. was a huge success that enhanced their company day 8th Jan 2016

National Rhythmic Gymnastics Team

The girls did us so proud, they were the strongest they have been both as a team and individual gymnasts for many years. I am so grateful for your input , as I know it had a large role to play in their preparation, I hope they follow up with you in the future! Shannon Gardiner, place 2nd overall and reached the qualification criteria for the Youth Olympic Games. She also received three individual apparatus medals. Chris Marie, won a bronze for her ribbon and Alexia a bronze for clubs. The Junior team was 2nd Overall. Our Seniors were stars! Grace is the new African Champion and Aimee placed third overall. Our Senior Team won the team All around competition, which hasn’t been the case since 2007! Grace received three gold and one silver individual medals and Julene won two bronze and one silver individual medal for their apparatus finals. Thank you again for your input, I look forward to working with you again in the future! Shalene Raath – High Performance Manager | Read More…

South African Women’s Tennis Federation Cup

The Champion Academy’s training programme prepared the players to be mentally focused by teaching them skills and tools to perform at their peaks when it counts most. Rikki and Toni were impressed by the inspiration and professionalism that was displayed by both the players and coaches alike. | Read More…

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